We specialize in filters and related devices, however, if it is passive, bilateral RF/microwave expertise you need, we can provide it.

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    Our chief design engineer and founder, Lyn Alford, started an independent microwave design and project management consulting business in 1991 after 30 years of industry experience working in engineering, management and technical sales and marketing roles.   Functioning as either a consultant or employee, he has been equally successful in large and small business firms operating in commercial, consumer and government/DOD markets.   The technical excellence and market value of his work has been recognized by the award of seven US Patents.

    We provide complete technical design services for passive RF/Microwave components and sub-systems spanning the frequency range from 455 KHz to 110 GHz.  These services include:

> Specification Development
> Specification Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis
> Conceptual Design and Alternatives Analysis
> Prototype Circuit Design, Analysis and/or Optimization
> Equivalent Circuit Design, Analysis and/or Optimization
> 3D EM Design, Analysis and/or Optimization
> Full 3D CAD Mechanical Design
> BOM and Part Drawings
> Manufacturing Processes and Procedures
> Tuning and Testing Procedures

    We are equipped with, and proficient using,  high performance personal computing machines, accessories and software; including:
> Most Popular PC Applications
> Many Electrical Engineering Design, Analysis & Optimization Applications
> Library of “Home Grown” Microwave Design & Analysis Applications
> Alibre Design Professional CAD for Mechanical Design Tasks
> HP xw8600 Dual Quad-Core Processor Workstation
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